grooms men with sunglass looking at camera
grooms men with sunglass looking at camera


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Business Headshot

I love when a client comes to me and says, "I don't like the way I look in pictures".  Such was the case of Mary Meddlebrooks real estate agent. What many times they don't realize is that most people do not like looking at themselves in photos. But, what's the most important thing to me is to show them how I can bring out their greatest photo qualities that they do not see in themselves. With the assistance of a professional makeup artist (MUA), and the right outfit, amazing images can be made which can enhance the clients look. With special lighting and a little photo shop magic, and the confidence of having hair and makeup done the business headshot can turn an ordinary look into a dynamic powershot such as the image of Mary (real estate agent) below.

Mary Middlebrooks Real Estate

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